Birth Mother Stories

Adoption is a Beautiful Thing

When I first found out I was pregnant I was seventeen years old, recently broken up with my baby''s father, and living at home with my parents.  Pretty typical, really.  But I think the rest of my story is rather unique. Like many pregnant girls my age, I struggled...

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An Answer to Prayer

I'm writing this to every woman who finds herself pregnant and doesn't know what to do.  I was there.  I know how scary it can be, especially when the father is...well let's just say "not appropriate.”My pregnancy was about as scary as it gets.  I had been raped and...

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I Didn’t Plan for This

I was already a single mom struggling to care for my two-year-old son when I took that pregnancy test, convinced at the time it would be negative. I was wrong.  Three minutes and two lines on a stick later, I was floored to find out that I was yet again pregnant, and...

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