Grateful for the Birth Mother of My Baby Girl

Thank you For Choosing Life for our Precious Baby

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Love’s Choice was created to take an honest look at the painful beauty of adoption, and to provide tools to help each woman honestly assess the choices before her.

Featured Adoption Stories

I Never Met My Biological Mother

Ryan Jon in an Australian Radio Host & Podcaster has a story to tell. On Mother's day each year he puts out a message to find his biological mother. Watch this heartfelt story of love for adoption and the person who gave him life. See more at...

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I Lived on Parker Avenue

Video Credits: Joie De Vivre Media and executive producer, Benjamin Clapper, present “I Lived on Parker Ave.” as its first short documentary.

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The More the Merrier

This fall the Foundation welcomed a new member to our board of directors. We want to take this opportunity to introduce our newest team member, Alan O’Kain, and his wonderful and unique family. This family is a living example of the beauty of adoption....

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