When I first found out I was pregnant I was seventeen years old, recently broken up with my baby”s father, and living at home with my parents.  Pretty typical, really.  But I think the rest of my story is rather unique.

Like many pregnant girls my age, I struggled with the temptation to get an abortion, but I stayed strong and said NO when everyone around me was pressuring me into it.  As time went on, my family, friends and classmates all became aware of my pregnancy.  I was making a plan to keep my baby, which meant taking on a lot of responsibility.  I planned to move out of my parents house, save up some money, get on W.I.C.K and figure out every other struggle that was about to come my way once this precious baby was born.

I started visiting adoption agencies just to please my mother, and surprisingly enough, one adoption agency located in Houston grabbed my attention. This agency only provided open adoption services.  Open adoption allows the birth mother to receive pictures and letters of her baby at least monthly.  The other wonderful thing about open adoption is that YOU get to pick the parents you want for your baby, and your child will always know you as the birth mother.

Long story short, I met the most wonderful couple and decided to place my son up for adoption with them.  I spent the summer getting to know this family better, and they met my family as well.  On August 4th my son Kyle was born. I got to spend a full forty-eight hours with him in the hospital, and they were truly the happiest hours of my life.  I absolutely adore my baby boy, and, happily, I also adore the family that I chose to raise him.

I don”t think most teen girls are very well informed about adoption.  I want to share my story with all of them.  I understand the fears that many girls may have about adoption, but I know I have given Kyle a much better life as a result of the decision I made for him.  I just want all pregnant girls out there – especially the scared ones – to know and understand all of their options.  Adoption is a wonderful and beautiful thing!  It allows you to give your baby life! And you can even choose to be a part of your baby’s life after adoption.  Everyone should learn more about adoption and all of the possibilities that come with it!