If My Little Voice Could Speak
By: Shelbea Riddle – An Adopted High School Senior

10 little fingers
10 little toes
I am so cute.
But nobody knows.

Only God,
Who fearfully and wonderfully made me.
He knows.
He knows I am perfect.

If I could have just
One breath,
One chance to say the words “I love you”
One chance to live
I would take it.

It would be my chance
To shine
To grow
To cry
To make a mistake
To succeed.

I want to see earth!
Heaven is awesome too…
But I want to meet my mommy and daddy.

So like mind over matter, mommy
PLEASE choose adoption
Over ending my life.

I don’t want the scary doctors to hurt me.
I can hear them convincing you this is the best decision,
It isn’t mommy.
They are brain washing you.

I want to hear your heart beat mommy!
How else will I fall asleep?
When I kick and you feel your belly,
I experience love and safety.
So keep me loved and safe, mommy.
All I want is to live.